54- PAD CIU 11,90  €
  Thick rice noodles with black bean sauce sauteed with pork, eggs and vegetables    
54A- PAD KEE MAO 11,95  €
  (Noodles de Borracho)    
  Plain rice noodles sauteed with chili sauce with king prawns, cuttlefish, garlic and vegetables   2 Guindillas pequeñitas    
55- BAMI PED 10,95  €
Egg noodles sauteed with duck and vegetables  
56- PAD THAI 10,95  €
Rice noodles sauteed with king prawns, soybeans, egg and peanuts
57- PAD WOON SEN 10,95  €
Glass noodles sautee with chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, eggs and vegetables 
Hot Spicy Very Spicy
1 Guindilla pequeñita 2 Guindillas pequeñitas
I.V.A. included