62- PAD POO PONGKHARI 12,50,  €
  Asian crab in curry powder with celery and tender onion    
  Assortment of seafood in curry powder with celery and tender onion    
64- PAD HOY LAI 12,95  €
Clams with curry paste, chili and basil  1 Guindilla pequeñita
65- PLA RAD PRIK 14,90  €
Fried fish with spice sauce and fried basil  1 Guindilla pequeñita
66- KUNG OOB WOON SEN 12,90  €
Soy noodles sauteed with king prawns and bacon flavored with ginger and celery
67- PED YANG 12,90  €
Roasted duck with caramelized garlic oil and sesame seed
68- PAD PHED 11,90  €
Wok fried meat (chicken or pork or beef or duck) with curry paste, fresh chilli, basil, fresh ground pepper and steamed milk  2 Guindillas pequeñitas
(+1 €  duck supplement)
Hot Spicy Very Spicy
1 Guindilla pequeñita 2 Guindillas pequeñitas
I.V.A. included